The art at Penny Cluse changes monthly. Every summer we host the One Word Group Art Show, exhibiting 6x6 inch panels created by 100 artists, all inspired by a single word! This year the word is INSIDE! In November we exhibit work from a VSA Vermont class. We host "A Show of HANDS" every March, a fundraiser for HANDS. The rest of the year is filled with exhibits of local artists. 
Art Inquiries: Please contact us.

These birdhouses are amazing! Steve Hadeka is a local woodworker and drummer. Riffing on the Modern Birdhouse explores midcentury and modern architechtural styles in a fun and whimsical series of birdhouses. Inspired by actual properties - each piece is designed for outdoor use -- Come check out this show!

Past Exhibits

April 2019: Abby Manock: Snakes on Paper

March 2019: A showof HANDS

February 2019: Jordan Douglas Photographs

January 2019: Ken Russack Paintings

December: Lydia Gatzow Paintings

October/November: VTIFF & VSA

August/Sept: Jess Kilgore: Vermont Covered Bridges

June/July 2018: TIME/group show

May 2018: Laura Zindel

April 2018: Ken Russack Paintings

February 2018: Emily Mitchell: Paintings

January 2018: Andrea Lovejoy: Paintings

December 2017: Jordan Douglas: Shadow and Vines

September 2017: Annual Bird Show: Steve Hadeka, Nancy Tomczak and Mary Ellen Manock.

July/August: Aaron Barton

June/July: STAND / group show

May 2017: Sam Handler

April 2017: Ken Russack: Paintings

March  2017: "A Show of HANDS"
we raised $7200!!

February 2017: The Bridge Project

January 2017: Gretchen Verplanck: Drawings and Prints

December 2016: Marilyn Barry: Paintings

September 2016: Marie Tardie

July/August 2016: Dick Brunelle: Paintings

June/July 2016: LIGHT / a group show

May 2016: Annual Bird Show
Steve Hadeka: Pleasant Ranch Bird Houses
and Gretchen Verplanck : Ink Paintings

April 2016 - Sarah Bunker: Paintings and Collages

March 2016 - "A Show of HANDS"

February 2016: Dan Siegle and Ashley Roark

January 2016: Emily Mitchell