The art at Penny Cluse changes monthly. Every summer we host the One Word Group Art Show, exhibiting 6x6 inch panels created by 100 artists, all inspired by a single word! This year the word is ......( we're deciding now!) In November we exhibit work from a VSA Vermont class. We host "A Show of HANDS" every March, a fundraiser for HANDS. The rest of the year is filled with exhibits of local artists. 
Art Inquiries: Please contact us.

"A Show of HANDS" 
90 local artists donate their work in support of HANDS, an organization that brings good food to older Vermonters.

Please come to the Silent Auction
Thursday March 28th


Past Exhibits

February 2019: Jordan Douglas Photographs

January 2019: Ken Russack Paintings

December: Lydia Gatzow Paintings

October/November: VTIFF & VSA

August/Sept: Jess Kilgore: Vermont Covered Bridges

June/July 2018: TIME/group show

May 2018: Laura Zindel

April 2018: Ken Russack Paintings

February 2018: Emily Mitchell: Paintings

January 2018: Andrea Lovejoy: Paintings

December 2017: Jordan Douglas: Shadow and Vines

September 2017: Annual Bird Show: Steve Hadeka, Nancy Tomczak and Mary Ellen Manock.

July/August: Aaron Barton

June/July: STAND / group show

May 2017: Sam Handler

April 2017: Ken Russack: Paintings

March  2017: "A Show of HANDS"
we raised $7200!!

February 2017: The Bridge Project

January 2017: Gretchen Verplanck: Drawings and Prints

December 2016: Marilyn Barry: Paintings

September 2016: Marie Tardie

July/August 2016: Dick Brunelle: Paintings

June/July 2016: LIGHT / a group show

May 2016: Annual Bird Show
Steve Hadeka: Pleasant Ranch Bird Houses
and Gretchen Verplanck : Ink Paintings

April 2016 - Sarah Bunker: Paintings and Collages

March 2016 - "A Show of HANDS"

February 2016: Dan Siegle and Ashley Roark

January 2016: Emily Mitchell